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Today you are one step closer to the life you deserve to live. Imagine your life filled with purpose and passion. Imagine awaking everyday looking forward to how you will impact the world. Imagine not being limited by your past experiences, the hurts that you've had, the anger you often feel, and the cycle of dysfunctional relationships. Imagine a household filled with people who have strong connections; a household where the children have strong characters, good moral judgment, and value their relationship with you as a parent. Imagine feeling fully supported, accepted, and loved. 

Imagine yourself living the life you want.

Increased freedom is what Agape Transformation Practice strives toward.  It is our desire that everyone who enters our doors, leave feeling more hopeful, lighter, renewed, at peace, empowered, clear, and ready to tackle the challenges in their lives.  We take pleasure in being a part of each person's journey towards identity, self-acceptance, and then destiny.  We believe that every person has the capacity to be powerful people able to achieve every heart’s desire.

Agape Transformation Practice is a catalyst for world changers. We impact the world through love one person at a time. If you are ready to live your best life with no excuses and do the work needed; then don't delay another moment.
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